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Kumppani tyhmempi?

Voiko suhde toimia, jos kumppani on tyhmempi?

Deittailu on tuuripeliä, myös verkossa

Iceland is determined to outlaw the world’s oldest business. Can it succeed?

Feminist blogger hiding

Tutkija: Äitipuoli leimataan perheenrikkojaksi usein turhaan

Peter Lloyd: 'Why I'm suing my gym over their sexist women-only hours'

An open letter to men's rights activists

We Went to a Men's Rights Lecture in Toronto. And Discovered That They're a Bunch of Losers

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  1. Henry Laasanen: Iceland is determined to outlaw the world’s oldest business. Can it succeed?

    The Economist: Banning the sex industry
    Naked ambition

    ULTRA-LIBERAL Iceland wants to ban online pornography. It is just the latest step in its attempts to eliminate the sex industry entirely. In 2009 it introduced fines and jail terms for those who patronise prostitutes (whom it treats as victims). In 2010 it outlawed strip clubs. In February the government decided to take on the glut of smut online and floated the idea of banning violent or degrading pornography, which some Icelanders take to mean most of it. No country has yet wholly succeeded in controlling commercial sex, either through legalisation or criminalisation. But all over the world, particularly in rich democracies, policymakers are watching to see whether Iceland succeeds—and may follow in its footsteps if it does.

  2. Henry Laasanen: Peter Lloyd: 'Why I'm suing my gym over their sexist women-only hours'

    MailOnline: Peter Lloyd: 'Why I'm suing my gym over their sexist women-only hours'
    • Peter Lloyd is suing his gym over banning men at certain times
    • Men and boys are banned for a total of 442 hours every year
    • The gym say it is to make women more comfortable
    • 'I'm suing the gym for gender bias. Not simply because their policy is unfair, but because it pathologises masculinity while simultaneously repressing it.'

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Anonyymi: Lukijan erotarina: Vaimoni rakastui siskoni mieheen - lapsistamme tuli serkkusiskopuolia

      Ilta-Sanomat: "17 vuoden avioliiton ja 25 yhdessäolovuoden päätti vaimoni eräänä toukokuisena maanantai-iltana antama ilmoitus: "Olen rakastunut toiseen mieheen ja haluan erota". Ei siinä mitään, mutta kun se uusi mies oli sinkoni mies ja he asuivat naapurissamme. …

      Näin siskoni ja minä jäimme yhtäaikaisesti ilman kumppania lapsinemme. Minulle on neljä ja siskolleni on kaksi lasta. Ex-vaimoni ja siskon ex-mies menivät naimisiin ja niin lapsistamme tuli serkkusiskopuolia. …

  4. Feministien häikäilemättömät valheet ja vääristely johtamassa taas haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien ihmisten aseman heikentymiseen:

    The truth about trafficking: it's not just about sexual exploitation

    Feminist and faith groups define trafficking as forced sex work – a simplification that hinders help for victims of coerced labour

  5. Do we actually want to rid Europe of its sex workers?

    There is an alternative, of course, but one that requires even more vision. In July a report by the UN-backed Global Commission on HIV and the Law recommended that all countries decriminalise private and consensual adult sexual behaviours, including same-sex sexual acts and voluntary sex work. It specifically stated that this should also apply to the Swedish model, concluding that criminalising the buying of sex had actually worsened the working lives of prostitutes in that country. Decriminalisation, which is very different to legalisation, has been in place in New Zealand since 2003. Safety has improved, the segregation that occurs with tolerance zones has been avoided, and there has been no increase in prostitution.

  6. Vastaukset
    1. Homo: Sexworkers Critique of Swedish Prostitution policy

      Petra Östergren: In this article I will not deal with the complex issue of whether prostitution is socially or otherwise desirable. Rather this article seeks to document some of the experiences and opinions of female sexworkers in Sweden. I have been concerned by the fact that the very women who are at the center of prostitution policy are so rarely heard and so often feel discriminated against. If equal rights for women is important, then the experience of sexworkers themselves must surely be central to our discussion, regardless of what position one takes on prostitution.

  7. Beaten by a baying mob: Shocking video shows schoolgirls shouting encouragement as teenage victim is kicked and punched on the floor

    The footage, filmed on a smartphone, is believed to show two pupils from a school in Queens being attacked by several older girls.

    Newlywed murdered near to her young son after she decided to leave the country just five months into her marriage

    She was found by police in her home with serious neck injuries.
    20-year-old woman arrested in early hours of today on suspicion of murder

  8. Vastaukset
    1. Anonyymi: Nimetön työnhaku vaati mustaa tussia "Mustasimme hakemuksista kaikki tiedot, jotka eivät liittynyt hakijan osaamiseen – kuten nimen, osoitteen, iän, sukupuolen, siviilisäädyn, perhetiedot, kansalaisuuden, äidinkielen ja syntymäpaikan. Myös opiskelupaikat peitettiin, koska ulkomainen yliopisto voisi paljastaa hakijan taustan", Attias kertoo.

      Haastattelija sai siis ennen työhaastattelua tietoonsa vain hakijan ammatin, tutkintonimikkeen ja työkokemuksen.

      "Peittämiseen meni aikaa noin päivä", Attias muistelee.


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