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Onko pulaa miehistä vai naisista?

Ristiriitaista informaatiota tulvii eri suunnista. Yhdessä suunnassa väitetään, että pulaa on naisista (via Sixteenvolts):
What first got me thinking about the shortage was hearing radio ads a couple of years ago for singles' bars and other clubs aimed at a younger set. Almost all of them touted "ladies' nights" in an effort to get more women to attend. The alternative is what's known as a "sausage party," in other words mostly men in attendance. Curious, I did some online research and found out, among other things, that dating sites like Yahoo Personals and have *far* more male than female members. A woman who places an ad on one of those sites is likely to get hundreds of
replies, while a man usually will get nothing except for solicitations from hookers. And then you have the huge mail-order bride industry, which caters to men who can't find women through conventional means. recently told ABC News that 59% of their subscribers are men and 41% are women.
Toisaalla taas väitetään, että pulaa on miehistä:
I hear lots of whining from American women these days about the supposed "man shortage" -- the unavailability of "suitable" males with whom to have "relationships."

A severe shortage of young men in London will make it increasingly hard for women to find a partner, new research reveals. This could make it increasingly hard for the city's women to settle down with their ideal partner, said Jenny Trent-Hughes, a relationship expert and agony aunt.

I am actually a subscriber to a couple of dating websites ? and I have to admit that match is really boring and the quality of singles that I?ve met thus far leaves much to be desired.

A new study reports that college-educated women who are still single at the age of 35 have only a 5 percent chance of ever getting married.
Kuka on väärässä?

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