torstaina, marraskuuta 23, 2006

Naisten kohtaama väkivalta

Violence Against Women Act - VAWA Fails To Protect Women:
The women of True Equality Network, most of who are themselves victims of severe domestic violence, have spent almost five years in the courthouses interviewing over 15,000 plaintiffs in domestic violence cases just before they entered the courtroom. The overwhelming number of those interviewed did not attempt to mask the real reasons they filed a domestic violence claim: control, money, and revenge -- for everything you could possibly imagine -- everything except acts of domestic violence.

Over the past 5 years, True Equality Network members interviewed over 15,000 women in 17 states at courthouses who were seeking domestic restraining orders. In the great majority of cases, these women were not suffering from true violence.

The judges who heard these cases were interviewed and corroborated that these women’s claims were false. These judges stated they knew that the attorneys were actually scripting the women’s statements, an offense legally known as suborning perjury.

And why would the ladies make false allegations?

Fake allegations of violence are known to be the tactical weapon of choice to gain advantage in contested custody cases. Divorce attorneys call them silver bullets, slam-dunks, or just “divorce planning,” thus entitling the woman to many years of tax-free child support money.

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