maanantaina, huhtikuuta 06, 2009

Valikoiva feminismi

Double standard? Society has treated women differently than men when accused of molesting teens. In some ways that's changing.

Selective feminism
First of all, there are some professions in which women are vastly under-represented. Feminists, of course, ascribe this to discrimination without considering that most women have no interest in being construction workers or air conditioning technicians.

Secondly, if women are paid 75 percent of what men get for the same job, then it would make sound economic sense for employers to hire women because hey, they could cut their payroll by 25 percent. What a deal!

Thirdly, feminists who point out the supposed glass ceiling that precludes women from achieving, say, partnerships in law firms forget one simple, significant factor: Most women aren't willing or able to put in the exaggerated work hours needed to attain such a position. Women have a funny desire to see their children or husband occasionally, and maybe even darken their doorways for more than an abbreviated night's sleep.

In other words, women who achieve the highest levels within their professions often do so to the detriment of their families. Men are freer to pursue career success because their priorities between career and family are different than most women. But feminists don't believe family life should distract a woman from her career track.

Above all, feminists are angry. Nothing is ever good enough. It's not good enough for a woman to be the governor of Alaska – she should be a liberal too. It's not good enough for a black woman to be secretary of state – she should be a member of NOW as well. Feminists see inequality and gender bias in everything regardless of whether or not women have the slightest interest in giving up calm, happy family lives for stressful careers. And few women are interested in being plumbers and miners even if those jobs pay well.

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