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Maskulismi vs feminismi

Masculism vs Feminism

Sedät aina toisinaan ihmettelevät lehtien palstoilla, miksi ja mihin naiset katoavat työmarkkinoilta.

Some notes from a Swedish woman to Anna Anka

Fight campus feminist follies

The Great He-Pression: Men fall behind in higher education

If a man wants to be more productive, according to the latest sociologic polls, he should hire more members of the opposite sex.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: The Wage Gap(Laadukas artikkeli)
Many people seem to believe that businessmen, (I mean businesspeople, sorry), care about nothing other thanmaking money. However these same people also seem to believe businesspeople discriminate against everyone but white, Protestant, straight men with no handicap and well parted hair. So apparently, businesspeople do have values other than making money: they are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, Christian fundamentalists. Well, at least they have some principles, right?

The truth is that businesspeople discriminate in favor of the color green; money. Market economies discriminate mightily against those who discriminate. If it were true that men make approximately 33% more for the same work, companies that predominantly hired women would crush companies that predominantly hired men.

Professor James T. Bennett compiled 20 major reasons for the wage gap, which include some of the following:

* Men go into technology and hard sciences more than women.
* Men tend to take more stressful jobs that are not “nine-to-five.”
* Men are more likely to work longer hours, and the pay gap widens for every hour past 40 per week.
* Women are nine times more likely than men to drop out of work for “family reasons.” Less seniority leads to lower pay.
* Men work more weeks per year than women.
* Women place greater value on flexibility, a humane work environment, and having time for children and family than men do.

Unfortunately, that’s what we’re implicitly doing when we see the wage gap for what it is: a comparison of apples and oranges. Certainly discrimination exists, but the market grinds away at it with ruthless tenacity. The concept that women earn 75 cents on the dollar is simply a bogus statistic that simultaneously denigrates work done at home and implies the need for some very nonsensical policies.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: The College Gap

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Eittämättä tuo Anna Anka vaikuttaa melko pässiltä ainakin tuon "Some notes..."-tekstin mukaan. Ei ole älynlahjoilla pilattu, joten kyllä tällä erää ruotsifeministit vakuuttavat enemmän.


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Feminism in action:

Kiinni otettaessa vuonna 1974 syntynyt nainen teki rajua vastarintaa. Hän muun muassa sylki yhtä poliisia kasvoihin suun alueelle ja puri toista kädestä, uhkaillen näin tartuttavansa heihin tauteja.

Nainen vietiin rauhoittumaan Töölön säilytyssuojaan, missä hän onnistui vielä puremaan erästä poliisia.

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"Police are making more arrests and conviction rates are rising. But the police tell us that they often find that that they are unable to stop the aggressor in a domestic violence situation - invariably the man - from returning to the property straight away, putting the victim at risk of more violence. That must change"


Vielä kehtaavat levitellä tuota valhetta.