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Afraid to Commit: Young Men Want to Wait on Marriage:
What Men Are Saying

Here´s the reaction we´ve received from men nationwide.

"You should have an article on why divorced men will not marry again. The responses would be very interesting. For example:

* They´ve already been taken to the cleaners at least once by a prior wife.
* If a woman has kids, she really has no use for a man. She´s got the house, the BMW, the kids, and his support and alimony.
* The women of today have taken the place of the man from yesteryear. They are today what they thought men were 40 years ago.
* They run the risk of meeting a female divorce attorney.

"It is no surprise that young men are unwilling to commit to marry when their partners are willing to live with them and provide sexual and domestic services. The old and crude adage is still true: ´Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?´"

"I'm tired of the b.s. that it takes to even try to find a good woman. In 90% of my prior relationships, I gave 110% to trying to forge a marriage. But that was only good for some half-hearted affection that soon disappears after the ring is brought forth. Then it´s all about what she needs, or worse yet -- what her children need. I´m tired of trying to weed through the predatory women. It costs too much to the kind man´s heart. So I quit."

"Most of the guys I know have watched their friends get married and see all the problems, arguments, and b.s. that married men go through. And then they see the divorce, alimony, and child support. Case in point is my own situation. I´ll never marry again."

"You forgot this reason: Getting raked over the coals for child support should divorce occur. The current system does not judge each circumstance on a case-by-case basis, and guys usually end up having their financial lives destroyed. In my opinion, men should refuse to marry until the insanity of the legal system is removed."
Mother spared jail for baby death:
A mother who started a fire in which her four-month-old son died has been spared jail at Newcastle Crown Court. Consultant psychiatrist Adrian East told the court he was satisfied she was suffering from post-natal depression.

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Nainen sytytti palon ja tappoi lapsensa koska halusi isän huomiota, jonka luota oli lähtenyt usean riidan jälkeen. Lapsen tappamisen jälkeen nainen oli pommittanut isää ja tämän perhettä sovittelevilla tekstiviesteillä.

Syyttäjän mukaan naisen väitteet siitä, että tunkeilijat sitoivat hänet ja sytyttivät palon ovat valetta, ja tehty ainoastaan sen takia että isä tuntisi jälleen sympatiaa ja antaisi tukea.

Suunnitelmallisuudesta kertoo se, että palomiehet löysivät vasta asennetun palohälyttimen paristot makuuhuoneen laatikosta. Poliisi puolestaan löysi talon avaimet yläkerran pyykkikorista, joten väitetyt tunkeilijat eivät ole voineet lukita naista taloon sisään.

Vaikka sosiaalihuolto myöntää "vajaakäyntinsä" perheen kohdalla, synnytyksen jälkeinen masennus ei poista syyllisyyttä lapsensa tappoon. Kaiken huipuksi murhasyyte hylättiin sen jälkeen kun nainen myönsi syyllistyneensä lapsenmurhaan.

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