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Unemployment could lead to rise in male crime

Oven Pride is “so easy - a man can do it”.

Women as breadwinners: The great American role reversal?

Selling sex legally in New Zealand
Ask New Zealand sex workers what they think of Swedish-style strictures, and the response is overwhelmingly negative.

"Whether you're prosecuting the men or the girls, you're still prosecuting the business," says "Lucy", 23, from Wellington.

Lucy works in Bon Ton, an exclusive establishment in the capital where an hour-long session costs NZ$400 (£140; $200). She says the reform has given her the opportunity to work for a legitimate business in a safe environment. "I make twice what I was earning in retail. I am appreciated by customers and my boss. I can work whenever I want to - it's by far the most gratifying work I've ever had," she says.

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Uudesta Seelannista kannattaisi meidänkin ottaa mallia, eikä Ruotsista.

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Seulonnasta ehkä hyötyä myös eturauhassyövän hoidossa