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Women’s Shelters

Why Women’s Shelters Are Hotbeds of Misandry
Instead of making divorce conflicts more tractable, women’s shelters actually exacerbate them. The »every-fourth-woman« statistic is therefore being used to document the necessity of changing the Domestic Relations Law of 1998, because allegedly the sole source of danger for children during a divorce is violence stemming from their fathers. By pursuing this approach to family policy, the advocates of women’s shelters are attempting to use prejudice as a means to rescind the right of children to both of their parents.

Women’s shelters are incapable of providing this kind of professional intervention because of their ideology: they view a man as every woman’s enemy. For them, it is a foregone conclusion that women do not engage in violent acts. According to the ideology espoused in women’s shelters, this is always a given, and mutual talks between a woman and her partner are therefore superfluous. To this end, women are politically manipulated into a victim role and men are collectively denigrated. Consequently, the residents of women’s shelters are allowed to experience themselves only as victims and not as participants in a relationship that has turned violent.

Even the term “women’s shelter” itself always implies the disastrous ideology of radical feminism, whereby relationships between men and women are characterized by their respective status as victim and perpetrator. According to that, women can do nothing and men are completely in charge. Thus, women's shelters perpetuate the destruction of communication within partnerships as a political project within the gender discussion.

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"Woman Confesses to False Rape Charge: Man She Accused Has Already Served Four Years in Prison" -linkki ei toimi, mutta löytyyhän se googlettamalla. Kyllä pitäisi nyt sille naiselle järjestää tukitoimia ja ehkä kansallinen rahankeräys. Onhan toi nyt hirveä taakka kantaa neljä vuotta. Onneksi muuten sattui puhumaan asiasta papille eli miehelle. Muuten olisi se raukkaparka varmaan vieläkin vankilassa.

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Linkki on korjattu.

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Vihreitä äänestävä mies on kuin vasemmistoliittoa äänestävä porvari: Ampuu itseään jalkaan (ja vallankumouksen sattuessa niskaan).

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