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Men's Rights reddit.

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Silobreaker: Feminism

Feminism (reddit)


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Homo kirjoitti...

Genys Nyttistä poimittua tuoretta tavaraa:

Grab your drill now, woman!

Female firefighter wants attention

We were only about 20 women who worked to extinguish and clean up after the attacks, but we ended up completely under the radar, perhaps because none of us died.

Famous columnist disconnect male TV to anus

This is a feminist real dream date ...

Moreover, 2: Universities should obviously be even more feminist. I note that although Royal Institute of Technology, Helsinki University of Technology, seems to have begun with gender issues.

Oops oops the sudden honesty

Homo kirjoitti...

WOMEN are most affected by the war on terror?

Moreover, 2: In England, had two adult siblings (he is 21 years old, she was 18 years old) sex with each other in an elevator, which was discovered by a security camera. Both accused, but only the boy ends up in the register of sex offenders, according to this article. Thanks for the tip, Gonzo!

German Family Ministry is launching Excel tool for gender equality

No men are street names

Not prominent Swedes, but prominent women. The most famous is, according to DN, the mathematician Sonya Kovalevsky and physicist Lise Meitner.

Male politicians considered to talk too much

Ikea for male kindergarten

Homo kirjoitti...

Did the lady for some sex, must pay damages

For the rest: When räkneexperterna the county of Blekinge began to dig among the figures and statistics for 4760 employees revealed a surprising picture. There are men who are most wage discrimination. The information available here , but it requires payment to read more than the above. Thanks for the tip, Jon! Update: Dagens Industri give some more details : Update 2: More information in this blog post on a neat appearance.

Men are worst affected by suicide bomber

Of the victims who have been identified, 14 percent were children, 11 percent women and 75 percent men, according to The Lancet.
Please note that this blog post refers to civilian casualties. The military deaths in war are as familiar to almost one hundred percent of the male sex. And of those killed men, the vast majority out there in the war against their will - forced because of their gender.

Female purchasing power is enormous

"According to Mr.. Silverstein and Ms.. Sayre, women now control $ 12 trillion of the overall $ 18.4 trillion in global consumer spending, and They Will Have Their Hands On An even bigger share in the coming years. "
They say, therefore, that women control almost two-thirds of total consumer purchases of the earth - and the number is growing.

The Government's gender policy is male-hostile

- Continue to increase awareness of women's health
- Preventing violence against women, violence and repression, and violence in same-sex relationships, and prevent young people get married against their will
Moreover, 1: Here you can read about "Count on Us", a project for girls funded by the State Inheritance Fund. Boys are excluded. Thanks for the tip, Nils!

Moreover, 2: Here you can read about that money from the Internet Fund is used for an interdisciplinary research project to "highlight the creative girls who develop Internet". Not visible creative people with imaginative girls.

Moreover, 3: More and more women end up in problem gambling. Here you can read that there are thoughts of creating specific treatment groups for women.

Female managers earn the most - again

Homo kirjoitti...

Aftonbladet pyysi lukijoita äänestämään juttuaiheita - ja äänestyksessä listalle pääsi "väärät" aiheet, joten ne sivuutettiin...:

Aftonbladet does not review the readers wanted to have examined

Equality minister rejects men tinkering

As new figures from Statistics show working the two sexes equally - albeit with different things. Men are working more. and at home, working men with more "maintenance" - to fix things, carpentry, changing tires on the car and the like - while women are working more with traditional housework.

For the latter blamed Now the men of the Gender Equality Nyamko Sabuni. I quote the DN today:

"The men mainly responsible for maintenance work, like changing the tires on the car, and do not participate as much in the traditional household work looks Nyamko Sabuni as a major problem.

- Collecting and returning children, cook and clean creates stress. Maintenance work that the men involved in the plans considerably. The stress on household chores, women working part time. "

I wonder if the Minister has no research to refer to, or any other evidence, the claim that men tinkering in the home is more comfortable and less stressful than the women do at home. No evidence presented in DN in all cases.

I think this is misandri. Man's Contempt. Men have become society's pecking chicken.

Homo kirjoitti...

Male participants in Robinson humiliated

The male "Robinson"-the participants are forced to undress and be naked in at least four days. They had to compete in the race - and the losers were chained together. Moreover, were the male participants in prison - along with the real thieves and murderers - right after arrival in the Philippines. In addition, ran the men (but not women) naked in the trailer for the program.

Can you imagine the idea that women - and only women - are forced to be naked before the television cameras in four days? What an outcry there would be, with words such as objectification and the old man's disease .

NATO Women's Battalion will arrange micro-loans to women

Higher mortality in men after heart attack

Requirements in Norway at age for circumcision

Today informs media that the Norwegian Ombudsman Reidar Hjermann requires a minimum age at 15 or 16 years for the circumcision of boys. He also says that the boys themselves will have to give permission to cut away the foreskin. See here and here.

The ban on genital mutilation of girls only. It is one of many examples of that legislation is not gender neutral. Men are the only group that formally discriminated against in the Swedish law.

In this case is that the boy discrimination. Boys are not entitled by law to have their own bodies intact. Girls have it.
Here is a news related to the above to do. Neighbors in Malmö heard desperate cries from a child and alerted police. They suspected child abuse.

But it was not assault. It was just a boy who was circumcised.

He found the boy's discrimination on the milk carton

Homo kirjoitti...

100% women new gender equality?

Male politicians revolt against female cream

In England, something happened that I think would be unthinkable in Sweden. Male politicians are protesting against being sidelined by women who may be sour because of their gender.

The background is that before the last parliamentary elections did toryledaren David Cameron, a special effort to highlight women. Many women became members of parliament as a result of it - these are called "Cameron's Cuties."
Now there have been clear indications that David Cameron plans to quickly convey some of these newly elected women, the gender tactical reasons. Gender Elevator in their careers for women, that is.

Nothing new under the sun - so it works nowadays. Not least in Sweden.

But the uniqueness is that male MPs - with more experience than the newly elected women - revolt. David Cameron has been warned - it ferments in the party. Most angry are the men who were elected in an election earlier than the women we are talking about, that is, elections in 2005. The men fear to be completely skipped in the political career. A lost political generation, victims of male discrimination.

Nacka Municipality is investing in girls

Municipal preschools are below 3% men

Women go before the waiting

In Lund gives Helsingkrona national priority to women in the queue. It is justified by the hand is slightly more men than women who live there today, and with that there are more men than women want to live there. The reason for the latter is suspected to be close to the Faculty of Engineering.
For the rest: Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik get lots of love letters from women all over the world. One wonders what psychological mechanisms behind it. The phenomenon has long been known - the really vile men attracting a huge female admiration. Read more here and here.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Ookona tätä kokalnnu:


Homo kirjoitti...

Professor: Girls' abuse is considered milder

This is yet another confirmation that the justice system gives women (in this case girls) a more lenient treatment than men (in this case boys). The judicial system is not gender neutral. I have a whole chapter about it in my first genusbok, 's Oppression and Women's reign (Chapter 11, pdf here ).

Will there be a sex-racist as new party leader?

On Mondays closes recreation center for kids

On Mondays the boys banned from the recreation center station in Sundbyberg, operated by the City of Sundbyberg. Behind the girl's girl, bet-call Star's Shelter in Sundbyberg. To motivate the girl Mondays:

"Girls and boys are treated differently in our society. Guys are taught to take place and the girls to make room. It means that they get different conditions. "

Girl's Shelter Star's Shelter also think that girls "need spaces where they do not have to stand back for the boys' place-taking".

It's a bit ironic that they say that "girls and boys are treated differently in our society." Yes, I see it, is the natural answer. A youth center run by the government should treat the sexes equally. Equality.

Robot Workshop for students - but not boys

Homo kirjoitti...

Kannattaa sitten suhtautua varauksella noihin Googlen käännöksiin. Välillä esimerkiksi sukupuolet vaihtuvat tai Ruotsin KTH kääntyy Helsinki University of Technology:ksi.

Homo kirjoitti...

Pillupassi iski jälleen:

Britannian orjuuttamisjutussa epäillään maankiertäjäperhettä

Kaikki epäillyt ovat samasta brittiperheestä. Yksi heistä on raskaana oleva nainen. Hänet on vapautettu ja hänen kuulustelujaan on määrä jatkaa lapsen syntymän jälkeen.

Homo kirjoitti...

Vähemmän mairitteleva tieto Suomen naisista: "Ero miehiin selvä"

Homo kirjoitti...

Lutkailu kuriin:

In Britain, some schools banning skirts

Panu Horsmalahti kirjoitti...

Toimin varmaankin seuraavien vaalien aikana vaalilautakunnassa. Sielläkin tuli eteen sukupuolikiintiöt: 40% kiintiöt naisille vaalilautakuntien jäsenyyksissä. Näihin kiintiöihin törmää nykyään joka hemmetin paikassa.

Homo kirjoitti...

Avioero koetaan luultua myönteisemmin

Homo kirjoitti...

81-vuotias yksinäinen isoäiti myy seksiä rahasta

Homo kirjoitti...

Lapsipornorinki tuomiolle Ruotsissa: Isoäiti levitti lapsenlapsen alastonkuvia

Homo kirjoitti...

Näiden perättömien raiskausväitteiden esittäjien nimet ja ehkä kuvatkin olisi syytä saattaa julkisiksi jo yleisen miesten oikeusturvan vuoksi:

Jämsäläisnainen loukkasi kehonrakentajan kunniaa Facebookissa - kalliiksi tuli

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