keskiviikkona, helmikuuta 02, 2005

Naiset eivät ole hauskoja

Warren Bell (15-year veteran of the sitcom business):
Are women as innately funny as men? The answer: Men are funnier. Way funnier. Not even close. Male writers, male actors, male stand-up comedians. All funnier.

Why are there no Marx Sisters?

Most funny people I know tell more or less the same story: They learned to be funny in order to be noticed, sometimes by parents, frequently by the opposite sex.

Young girls who want attention have other weapons ? they can scream, they can cry, they can grow breasts. They can be heartbreakingly beautiful and call me a nerd for imitating the Coneheads all the time. Learning to be funny would seem, for girls, to be more of a last resort.
Montako hauskaa naista tunnette, siis sillä lailla hauskaa, että nauratte hänen seurassaan vedet silmissä hänen upealle huumorilleen? Montako hauskaa naisblogia tiedätte, siis sellaista, joka hauskuuttaa muullakin kuin naisen logiikallaan?

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